NGC 6781

NGC 6781
NGC 6781

Hi Asod, sent a recent observation of this magnificent nebula in the constellation of Aquila, has a very important and brightness donut shaped reminiscent lyra M 57, with the help of a filter details are more noticeable, and renamed to this object , the small ring Aquila.


Object name: NGC 6781
Object type: Planetary Nebula
Location: Bonilla Cuenca ( spain )
Date: 10 August 2013
Hour: 1:20 < 2:00 Media: graphite pencil, processed and inverted gimp 2.8 Optical equipment: Dobsonian telescope 10" F/5 Meade lightbridge. Eye piece Explore scientific 14mm 82° Magnification 90x True field 0,9° Sky conditions: windless sky, good transparency Nelm 5,9 Temperature 12,7°C Relative humidity 30% Borthle scale 3/9

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  1. Roberto,

    Very nice representation of NGC 6781. I always find it difficult. to use just the right intensity to portray planetaries as they appear in the eyepiece. This work appears very accurate and detailed.

    Cindy (Thia)

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