Perseid Star Party - August 11, 2013

Star Party under the Perseids

Perseid Star Party - August 11, 2013
Perseid Star Party – August 11, 2013

Object Name (Just a Perseid)
Object Type (Falling star and star party)
Location (Sainte Anastasie sur Issole – Provence)
Date (august 11th 2013)
Media (watercolour on 300gr paper – dim : 25cm/65cm)

The national star night, august 10th 2013 with AFA (Astronomical French Association)
At night, a lot of curious, tourist or passionate are join us under thousands of stars, fixed or falling.
A storyteller playing Celtic harp tells children “how they tried to assassinate Jupiter.” Another storyteller playing bagpipe tells the strange story of the constellations, the gods who watch us from the sky. A dozen of telescopes were in place, including a real antiquity made before the first edition of the Messier catalogue… Workshop were organised around magnitudes and star colours. Children dancing as orbited around our big model of Jupiter and its four main moons…
All this achieved thanks to the Sainte Anastasie’s municipality, turned off the lights around our observation field.
For all of us, this night was,… an astronomical success!

Michel Deconinck

4 thoughts on “Star Party under the Perseids”

  1. Michel,

    It sure appears like it was a successful star party. You have a way with those water paint skills in this panoramic view!

    I’m enjoying your painting,


  2. Michel,

    A tranquil scene, I see a lot of folks having an enjoyable time under a clear sky.
    Nice work.

    Frank 🙂

  3. Thank you Juanchin and Frank,
    after a long serie of troubles to organise this event, It´s so nice to receive those so positive messages.
    Thank you from the organisation team…

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