Well Positioned Saturn

Saturn - April 11, 2013
Saturn – April 11, 2013

Apparent Magnitude: 0.2
Az./Alt: 180°/81°

Itajobi, Brazil
S21°19′ / W49°03′
April 11th, 2013
04h30 (U.T.)

180mm dobsonian reflecting telescope f6 dob mounted (ATM Sebastião Santiago Filho)
Antares 10mm Super Plossl eyepiece
Orion Single Polarizing Filter
GSO 2.5x Three-Element Barlow Lens
Magnification: 270 x

Seeing: Antoniadi II (good, 2/5)
NELM: 4.0

Media: Faber Castell 6B pencil on white paper (BAA form)

Hi, my dear friends. One year later I am back with a Saturn sketch.
I made this sketch in April this year, but only now I found some time to scan and submit it. I hope you astronomers and enthusiasts enjoy.

No clouds, no Moon and no wind. The night would be perfect, wasn’t by the seeing (Ant. 2) and the city lights (NELM 4.0). I decided to observe from my backyard instead of moving all the equipment to the farm.
Despite the limitations, the favorable position of the giant planet revealed several typical features, like Cassini Division, rings’ and globe’s shadows on each other and five of its numerous moons. C-Ring was not visible.
The five visible moons were Japetus, Rhea, Tethys, Dione and Titan.

Clear sky to everyone!

Greetings from Brazil,
Rodrigo P. C.

Saturno e luas 11 abril 13

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