2012 Australia Expedition

Smartphone Sketch at 2012 Australia Expedition

2012 Australia Expedition
2012 Australia Expedition

Last week’s way to work, I drew one picture about the australia expedition in 2012.

I used digital painting application in smartphone.

(Samsung Galaxy Note 2, S Note)

Eight celestial objects are in this drawing. 🙂

The surface of smartphone is very slippery.

So It is very hard to draw exquisitely.

If you want to exactly understand this picture,

please refer to below video clip.

(http://www.nightflight.or.kr/xe/103065 or http://youtu.be/yR2sOEkDKqQ)

– Location : Leyburn, QLD, Australia

– Date : November, 2012

– Media : Samsung Galaxy Note 2, S Note

S Pen

Trigger finger

Nightwid 無雲

3 thoughts on “Smartphone Sketch at 2012 Australia Expedition”

  1. It is very interesting to work on smartphone. Try on new area.
    Looks people are having so much fun.
    It must be a very good memory.


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