Markarian’s Chain

Markarian's Chain
Markarian’s Chain

Object Name: Markarian’s Chain
Object Type: Galaxy Cluster
Location: Sketched at a dark sky sight in Wiltshire, UK
Date: 5th May 2013; 23:30; conditions – very good
Media (graphite pencil sketch at the scope and then digitized using graphics tablet and Photoshop)

I usually sketch in some detail at the scope (mainly HB and 2B). I then scanned the result into Photoshop and sharpened the sketch. I annotated the galaxies.
For this sketch I used a Nexstar 8SE teamed with a WO 32mm wide field of view eyepiece. The sketch occupied two eyepiece field of views plus a bit of edge fills for some surrounding stars.

Observing Details

I have wanted to sketch this cluster for a very long time but needed to travel out into a dark sky site to have a chance. M84 and M86 were very noticeable but, with the help of a star chart I was pleased to spot many more than can be seen from my back garden, although NGC 4413 required averted vision.

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