The turbulent flower

The turbulent flower

Information about sketch:
Sketch is of M20 – the Trifid Nebula
Done on the 23rd of September last year
Drawn completely at the eyepiece of a 12.5″ f6 dob using a 13mm T6 Nagler
for around 143x.  It was done on white sketch pad paper using a graphite
pencil.  The sketch was then scanned and converted to the negative in
Andrew Durick
Brisbane, Australia

One thought on “The turbulent flower”

  1. The drawing with a 12.5″ scope shows that it was done in light-polluted skies.
    In dark skies, the bluer reflection nebula completely surrounds the brighter emission nebula (the part with the X of dark lanes) and the emission nebula becomes clumpy with a lot more details.
    This is a very good example of what an amateur can expect to see in average, somewhat light-polluted, skies with an 8-12″ scope.

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