Stöfler and Faraday

Stöfler and Faraday

Stöfler and Faraday
Stöfler and Faraday

Object Type: Moon Craters

Location: Barcelona – Spain

A fantastic embedded collection of craters in the south pole of the Moon. Best seen in the seventh night of lunation.

For more details of my observation you can visit my blog:

Date and Time: 2013-06-15, 21h 21m UT

Telescope: SC Celestron Nexstar 5i (127mm)

Eyepiece: Orthoscopic 5mm (250x)

White paper, HB2 and 5B graphite pencil, and scanned and inverted with Photoshop

Seeing: 4/5 (5 the best)

Transparency: Clear. Suburban Skies.

Thank you and best regards.


4 thoughts on “Stöfler and Faraday”

  1. @Frank McCabe

    Thank you Frank, I saw your sketch of this lunar region (, it’s much better than my sketch, I know 🙂 and motivated me to observe these craters.

    It doesn’t mind if one sketch is better or worse, what is really important is to do the drawing, this help to us to become better observers.

    Best regards.


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