Unusual Earthshine


Moon with Earthshine
Sketch and Details by Carlos E. Hernandez

I was struck by the Waxing Crescent Moon (2.4 days old) over the western horizon (~11 degrees) tonight (January 11, 2008 at 00:00 U.T.) as it appeared that the Earthshine over the unilluminated portion was asymmetric. I turned my 11 x 56 Oberwerk binoculars upon it and noted a brightening over the Moon’s northern (upper) limb. My wife also noted the brightening without my suggestion. There also appeared to be a “glow” surrounding the crescent Moon. I have never observed this over the Moon at this or any other phase. This most likey represnts an atmospheric phenomena (e.g. haze or diffuse cloud).

A digital rendering in Corel Painter X.


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