The Tango

Messier 97 and 108
Messier 97 and 108

Object Name M97 and M108
Object Type Galaxy and Planetary Nebula
Location Banyoles (Girona), Catalonia
Date 2 – 6 – 13
Media Graphite and digital inverted colours

My equipment is a Dobson 10″ with a 25mm eyepiece. The seeing and transparency is 7/10.

Sorry for my english, this is my first sketch with my new dobson. When sketching that you see, you see more details!! It’s awesome!

The name of the sketch, “The Tango” is from… this objects are very spectecular pair on the sky, and give me a “Tango” idea.

… and sorry for my bad english 😉

Marc Muñoz.

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