White Light Sun - May 19, 2013

Our Sun in White Light – May 19, 2013

White Light Sun - May 19, 2013
White Light Sun – May 19, 2013

Hello astronomers,

This is my drawing of the sun in white light at May 19, 2013.

Object name: Sun
Object type: Star
Location: Koudekerke, Netherlands
Date: May 19, 2013
Media: Graphite pencils and processed with GIMP
Time: Around 14:00 UT
Telescope: Sky-watcher refractor (102/500mm)

First I made a fussy grey background for the sun and drew a circle. Thereafter I drawed the sunspots and the rest of the details inside the disk. I scanned the picture and processed it with GIMP for a smooth contrast and brightness.

Kind regards,
Lennart van Sluijs

6 thoughts on “Our Sun in White Light – May 19, 2013”

  1. Lennart,

    Impressive, very realistic details on all aspects of this white light sketch!
    I like it a lot!! 😀


  2. Fine presentation with a beautiful and realistic style. Thanks for posting.


    Mel R.

  3. Lennart,

    A very fine looking solar sketch.
    Your care with the details paid off nicely.

    Frank 🙂

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