The Sagittarius Stellar Cloud

The Sagittarius Star Cloud, Messier 24
The Sagittarius Star Cloud, Messier 24 and Messier 18

The Sagittarius stellar cloud, also known as M24, is one of the most dense patches of the Milky Way. It’s 600 lightyears across and some of the stars you can perceive through a decent pair of binoculars lie more than 10.000 lightyears deep into our galaxy, straight towards its core. It would have been impossible to draw all individual stars. Not just because there were so many that they rather appeared like a genuine cloud across my field of view but also because they were so faint that you’d constantly wonder whether you’d seen an individual star or not. A nice detail is the pretty little cluster M18 by the top border of the field of view, another one of these “jewel boxes” in the sky.

I made this sketch in my backyard in the Italian mountains with my Nexus 100 binoculars and a pair of Siebert 21mm Ultrawide eyepieces (24x). Pencil on white paper and then processed in Photoshop.



Marathon M24

Messier 24 and Environment
Messier 24 and Environment


I made a marathon sketch in the past month; I drew the M24 and the environment. It was very hard work, but it is also interesting. In the drawing are visible these objects: M24 star-cloud, NGC6603 the popular open cluster in M24, M18 open cluster, M17 Omega nebula, NGC6561 diffuse nebula, Ic1283 diffuse nebula, NGC6589 open cluster, Sharpless-35 diffuse nebula and Barnard 92-93 dark nebulae. My next target of the Scutum star-cloud… 🙂

Observation time: 2012 July-August (a lot of nights)
Equipment used: 10X50 binoculars
Field of view: 6° (360′)
Location: Nagyvarsány/Hungary
Observer: Viktor Cseh

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All the best, and clear skies!


Messier 24

Messier 24
Messier 24

Dear ASOD,

i will send my newest sketch from the Messier 24. This sketch is a montage of many field of view-sketch.

Object: M 24 Sgr
Type: Open Cluster
Date: 2011.08.19-21.
Location: Báránd, Hungary
Equipment: 120/920 Newton
Magnification: 36x
Media: white paper, ballpen, jelly pen, graphite, invert.

Clear sky!
Kovács Gergő