Sinus Iridum

Sinus Iridum - June 8, 2014
Sinus Iridum – June 8, 2014

Find attached a sketch of Sinus Iridum with craters Bianchini, Laplace A, Laplace D and Heraclides E done yesterday evening.

Object Name Sinus Iridum, The Moon
Object Type Impact basin
Location Dusseldorf region, Germany
Date June 8th, 2014, 2120-2205 CEST
Media white pastel pen, charcoal pen on black cardbox paper
Telescope: Celestron Nexstar 127/1500 SLT
Eyepiece: TS HR Planetary 7mm
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Cusp of Moon and Sinus Iridum

Hello artists,all o.k.? Compliments for last Moon sketches ,great work ( at Frank in paricular)at all.
I made three sketches of Moon ,two in one week,but at moment i sent you my two sketches,one of a cups of crescent Moon,one of Sinus Iridum and environs.
I used my refractor Kenko 80mm 1000 f.l.,little but perfect for this work.
About my sketch of Moon cups,i go at hill near my town.At first i go for one observing session but when i see in eyepiece this incredible zone i decide to draw quyckly.
I see the mountains coming out from shadow ,one light thread of light on the surface.
The Moon phase was crescent(one day),this is the first time that i made one sketch of this zone,i want to made other,nextly.
The second ( and last) sketch i made last friday.
I mounted my refractor on the roof of my room’s terrace,i list music….perfect Moon sketch session.
One incredible neat vision ,the Sinus Iridum, Bianchini crater, Mount Jura and many splits and shadows…..very difficult work !
I go to bad satisfied but with head-ache.
I hope like you.
Ciao a tutti,Giorgio.

About first sketch( cups of Moon):

Site:Pergola (Serraspinosa Hill,400 meters over see level )
Date:7 of May 2011 10,50 p.m.
Moon phase : Crescent
Instrument:Refractor Kenko 80/1000
Eyepiece:15mm + Barlow (133x)
Seeing :Very good
Air: Calm.light cold.
Technnics:Graphite pencill on withe paper fabriano.

About last sketch (Sinus Iridum and environs):

Site :Pergola,Marche Region,center Italy
Date:13-14 of May 2011 from 10,40 p.m. to 01,13 a.m.
Moon phase: Crescent (11,3 days )
Instrument: Refractor Kenko 80mm/!000
Eyepiece:15mm+ barlow
Seeing:Good,turbulance and light clouds at the end.
Air: Light cold,no wind.

Sunrise at Rainbow Bay

Object Name Sinus Iridium
Object Type Lava plain on the Moon
Location Deventer, the Netherlands
Date April 13, 2011
Media White pastel on black paper

I have made a pastel sketch of one of the features on the Moon which beauty always strikes me whenever it’s visible: Sinus Iridium (Bay of Rainbows). It is a very large feature and always looks very nice in even the smallest telescopes. On that evening of April 13 the Sun’s angle was just right to give the surface that gradient view: dark near Montes Jura with a gradual brightening towards the west. A few rilles were also visible. It was a very pretty sight through my 300mm f/4 truss Dob using a 5mm HR Planetary eyepiece (240x). The sky was a bit hazy while I made the sketch, but the seeing was great.

Kind regards,

Roel Weijenberg